File extension WEBARCHIVE

File extension WEBARCHIVE is one of the file extensions that define type of the file and its contents.

The files with the extension of .webarchive are the Web Archive files and are associated with the Apple's Web Browser, Safari. These files are used for the local display of a website page. The File extension WEBARCHIVE . webarchive is actually a web-created format which is created by Safari. These files contain the HTML data in the form of images and audios from the websites which have been previously visited from the web browser. These files can be easily used on Windows and Mac operating system via the Safari browser.

So, how can you create or open this type of file?

When a .webarchive file is created by a Mac user, it allows him to view the web data even when the computer is not connected to the web services. However, if the page is an interactive one and keeps on collecting data from the Internet, the File extension WEBARCHIVE .webarchive files will only store the basic information of the webpage but it won't be to extract the full information from the website. The . webarchive File extension WEBARCHIVE are very similar to the MHTML files by the Internet Explorer which store the HTML information from the web.

To open the .webarchive files on browsers other than Safari, it is necessary to convert them. This can be conveniently done by opening these files in the Microsoft Word and by saving them by clicking on the &qout;Web page&qout; feature in the file menu. The files with the File extension WEBARCHIVE .webarchive contain, in addition to the HTML files, the CSS and the JavaScript files as well . They contain the main source, sub-source and the sub-frames of the parent source. Thus, if the user wants to view multiple web pages in an offline mode, then one .webarchive file for each webpage needs to be created.

What's more to know about this file format?

In addition to the Apple Safari, other programs which can open the File extension WEBARCHIVE .webarchive files are Cruz, Apple TextEdit and iCab. The supporting program for the webarchive files was included in Safari Version 4 Beta for the use in Windows. It is also included in the subsequent versions. The webarchive format, can thus be used to compress and include even the whole music albums and movies because of the features of the File extension WEBARCHIVE . webarchive files.

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